When is the Best Time to Close my Pool?

We hate to think you’re thinkin’ about it, but if we’re thinkin’ about it – your probably thinkin’ about it too!  Closing your pool – ugh!  We Michiganders can’t get enough of summer, so when someone talks about summer ending activites the only thing that might bring a smile to your face is “Back to School.”

Alas, the seasons do change and no doubt about it, fall will come and so will the colder temperatures. And you might be saying “I know I want summer to last as long as it can, but when should I close my pool?”  Just keep reading….

Our trained pool professionals will tell you:

If temperatures are steady @ 60° and we’re well into September, it’s a good time to close your pool. BUT, if it’s 75° or warmer AND it’s September, IT’S TOO EARLY!!


But WHY???  Well, based on our weather history, if you close the pool when it’s 75° or better, you can probably plan on another streak of even warmer weather.  Warmer weather = faster consumption of chemicals.  So, all those chemicals you put in for winterization or closing may not actually keep working.  If the chemicals dissolve too quickly, you can have a serious mess in your pool next Spring.  Yuck!


Okay – so now you know when, what else should you know?  Before you close your pool, make sure you stop by any of our locations to get a free water test.  As the water temperature drops, it gets a big hunger for minerals.  Also, you’ll want to make sure the calcium in your pool is balanced to prevent damage to the pool surface. Oh – and then there’s the Alkalinty – in the winter months, these will need to be higher to keep a stable pH all season long.


So, now that you have all this highly useful information, what steps should you take next?  First, if you are a “do-it-yourself” kind of person, we’ve got all the tools you need online and in-store to get you fixed up and ready to go. Visit our Pool Closing Supplies page where you’ll find Winterization Kits, Winter Covers, Leaf Nets and a helpful video on pool closing. 

Not sure what size chemical kit you’ll need?

One Arctic Blue Winter Kit – 12 will winterize upto 12,000 gallons

One Arctic Blue Winter Kit – 24 will winterize upto 24,000 gallons

We want to make sure you get your pool closed right the first time, because a good closing means a good opening.  We offer FREE Pool Closing Schools in each of our locations and you can check out the dates and times on our Zagers Calendar of Events.  You can also register for each class by clicking on the “Register” link under the date & time.

If this all sounds like a foreign language to you or just don’t want to mess with it, we offer a Pool Closing Service and you can request your closing online.  Just fill out the Pool Closing Request and we’ll contact you with a date & time.


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