Can I close a green pool?

Sure, you CAN close a green pool, but is it a good idea?

No, not really.

Why? Because closing a pool when its green is going to give you an even bigger problem in the spring or the next time you open it.

When you are experiencing cooler, fall like temperatures, it takes longer for the chlorine and other chemicals to evaporate.  So, that means you’ll spend less money correcting the problem in the fall than in the spring.  Likewise, when temperatures are warm and your pool is getting used frequently, it’ll take more chemicals to correct the problem because of the faster evaporation.

I recommend using granular chlorine and an algae killer.  Granular chlorine lasts longer in pool water than liquid chlorine.   Also, when using granular chlorine in the fall or cooler temperatures, be sure to pre-dissolve it to reduce the risk of bleaching out your liner.

Here’s what I recommend for treating algae already in your pool:

  1. Typically you’ll add 1 lb. of granular chlorine per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  High concentrate granular chlorine like Smart Shock will use less and lower concentrate granular chlorine like Burn Out 35 will use more.
  2. Run the pump & filter for at least an hour before moving on to the next step
  3. Add an algae killer, like Banish, according to package directions – again – depends on your pool size & concentration of chemical
  4. Run the pump & filter for 24 hours
  5. Next, brush the surfaces of the pool
  6. Repeat steps until your pool is clear

Note: Chemically clean your filter 3-4 days after treatment, I like to use Kleen-It.  This is important because your pool filter has done all the hard work.  The algae and other contaminants are now collected in your filter and it can affect filter quality.  So, clean it to keep it running smoothly.

Fighting the battle against a green pool from algae takes time and patience, but it can be done.  Making sure you have the right chemicals are key.  Also, when you open your pool in the spring, start fresh and use an Algae Preventative like Banish or Back-up.


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