Zagers Jalapeno Poppers on the Big Green Egg – Simple, Easy Appetizer

Simple, Easy and only 3 ingredients to this Jalapeno or Serrano Popper recipe!

We even cooked these on our Big Green Egg, no need to warm up the oven or use a messy fryer.  These poppers can be cooked prior to your main course to have a tasty treat while waiting.

You’ll need:

8-10 Peppers (Jalapeno or Serrano)

1 block Cream Cheese, softened

1 cup crumbled bacon

Wash & clean peppers. Cut lengthwise, clean out seeds and inside of pepper.  Mix together softened cream cheese and bacon crumbles.  Spread cream cheese mixture onto peppers.  Place peppers on baking stone.  Cook at 225 – 250 degrees for 20 – 30 minutes or until peppers are a bright green. Remove baking stone from Big Green Egg.  Place peppers on a separate plate & serve!  They have a little bite, but the cream cheese & bacon balance the flavor smoothly!

Zagers Poppers on the Big Green Egg

Ready to go on the grill!


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